The Tarot of Physics Spread


  1. The significator. This card represents the querent — the person who’s asking the question or getting the reading.
  2. The matter at hand. The play on words is intentional: this card corresponds to the suit of Matter (or the suit of Pentacles in a traditional tarot deck).
  3. The energy of the matter. This card corresponds to the suit of Energy (or Wands).
  4. The querent’s view of the situation, as seen from his or her unique perspective. This card corresponds to the suit of Space (or Cups).
  5. The outcome. This card corresponds to the suit of Time (or Swords).

Read all of the cards in order. Then read through the three cards in the middle row, from right to left. Remember that the final outcome card should be seen from the querent’s point of view; it’s unique to his or her own experience.

5 thoughts on “The Tarot of Physics Spread

  1. Tarot Mom says:

    Great spread! I have seen one similar to this, called “The Four Elements” spread, in which the placement meanings are basically the same but just named after the Element (The Place of Earth, the Place of Fire, etc.) But I think this “Physics Spread” is easier to understand. Thanks for posting!

  2. This is the coolest tarot deck in the world. Superb amount of wisdom in physics and in divination must have been needed to create such a thing.

    I want this. I will have to pick me up one!

  3. Rex Rogers says:

    Great deck. Really clear and witty too!

  4. Noir says:

    I am so happy. My deck just arrived. Wonderfully made.

  5. Noir says:

    The suit of time is it cups and space swords?

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