The Tarot of Physics: The Magician


October 3, 2010 by Corrine Kenner

The MagicianCard Description

Light travels at a constant speed, and nothing moves faster than the speed of light — but our sense of speed and time is anything but objective.

Like golden threads weaving through the universe, light waves combine to form the fabric of objective reality. From an outside perspective, the fabric seems to ripple and fold in on itself. Light waves bend as they pass some objects, while other objects reflect or absorb light.

Our own movement can also affect how we perceive the passage of time. In one of his most famous paradoxes, Einstein said that if we were to travel at the speed of light, time itself would slow down.

Suggested Interpretation

In a tarot reading, the Light Wave card illustrates how your perspective helps determine your reality. No one else can see the world through your eyes, because no one can share the same time and space you inhabit. You have the power to change your perspective by changing your outlook. You can also use the resources you have at hand to bend, reflect, or absorb light.

Dan Horn’s “Meta Physics”

Einstein said he wondered what it might be like to ride a beam of light. With modern computers and films, I think he might have recognized time slowing down for Neo in The Matrix. Or, he might have even seen a bit of his theories watching Bewitched when the witches would stop action of others so they could think about what to do next.

Is it possible that each moment in space-time is like a single movie frame, and a timeless part of each of us can work out alternate courses of action?

Number Symbolism

The shape of the numeral 1 illustrates a direct connection between spirit and matter. The line indicates pure action, without awareness of the periphery.

How to Buy the Deck

The Tarot Garden is the exclusive distributor of the Tarot of Physics. Click here to buy the Tarot of Physics from the Tarot Garden.

The card images on this website are watermarked. The printed cards in the Tarot of Physics deck are not.

One thought on “The Tarot of Physics: The Magician

  1. Noir says:

    An instructional guide book was not accompanied with my deck. Is there a supportive guide book for the deck? I am really interested in gaining new perspectives.

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